TAST – week 13 Knotted Cretan


Part of my garden quilt project (thank´s to Fembesllish Journal and the nice tutorials on how to make gilded gardens)   are some leaves, and for one I used this week stitch, Knotted Cretan. I first had to learn how to do it, so I had to try some variations:), but I think for now I have an idea on how and where to use it.  My garden project is here.

O frunza din galeria mea de frunze, brodata cu punctul de broderie Knotted Cretan (pe care l-am invatat cu acest prilej:)


2 răspunsuri la „TAST – week 13 Knotted Cretan

  1. Hello Corina

    thank you for saying hello on my blog – I’ve just been admiring your textile art – it’s wonderful. I love your bauble bag – you should borrow it from time to time, it’s a happy bag and will make people smile *!* Annie

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