Love is all around


„Love is all around” is one of my favorite songs. I fall in love with this song in the time I was also in love:) My students at that time (1994)  told me I am such a big fun of the band, Wet Wet Wet, because the singers are so good looking:) I still love there songs…

There is also a site, „Love Is All Around” , written by Irene Nam and Karen Walrond. There is also a „Love Thursday” submissions, and I decide to join. My way of showing that love is all around us, is to point to those blogs where we can find nice tutorials about quilt, textile arts and crafts. thinking to share with others, making time to take photos, write clear explanations, it is for me a sign of love.

I saw the logo „kind blog” (there are around 365 blogs in this group), that it is now also on my blog, on  Fembellish Journal, one of my favorite blogs. I want to start this „chain” of love by inviting you to pay a visit to this blog, where you will discover some great tutorials (under the label „techniques” there are up to now around 20 tutorial, some even in 5 parts, with great photos and very clear explanations). As a friend of my told me, she just spend some time in a very intelligent way on this blog. 

My dedication to you is this „garden quilt” I made inspired by your gilded gardens. Thank you, Rene West!

faza-3.jpg (click for a bigger image)

Am sa dedic in fiecare saptamana  un articol unui blog care prezinta tutoriale. Fac asta pentru ca mi se pare o dovada de iubire sa-ti petreci timpul facand poze, explicandu-le, incarcandu-le apoi pe blog. Si pentru ca pe langa grupul "Kind blog" vreau sa ma "lipesc" si grupului care aduce marturii faptului ca "Love is all around",  am sa postez acest tip de articol joia! Primul articol il dedic celei care m-a inspirat in a face "gradina" mea, Rene West.


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  1. Corina,
    Your garden quilt is as beautiful as the words your wrote regarding Fembellish Journal. It is so kind of you to express your appreciation in this tangible way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so pleased that you have found the blog profitable in your creative endeavors. Blessing to you – N. Rene West

  2. My Dear Corina ~ It was nice to see your comment! I have been having the worse time between my kitchen redo and other matter’s ~ your comment cheered me up. I couldn’t find the surprise stitch but was glad to look through all your wonderful card’s. I have a 1″ by 1″ swap to do in May and got great idea’s from your beautiful work! I’ll share with you pic’s when I make them. well if you can send me a link ~ I’d love to see it. I have had no time for stitching ~ blogging but can’t wait to finish this kitchen and get my life back! Have a wonderful week-end! Terri

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