Love thursday


It is Thursday, so Love is all arround! And my „love” goes to Needle ´N Thread, where one can find „Tips, Tricks and Great Resources for Hand Embroidery”. The Video Library of Stitches can be your „best friend”, showing you how to do around 35 stitches. Some basics stitches can be found in Basic Embroidery Stitches,  and also a list of accessories and organizational tools for embroidery is available.

I did some „research”, since the site started, in June last year. The first article is „Can I teach myself to embroider? Or should I join a group? „, a great question for somebody who likes to start embroidering. I love butterflies, so I love the post about Butterfly Embroidery Patterns, but all the patterns from  Hand embroidery patterns are so special, trust me, you will fall in love and think „I have to try this”.  My favorites (even if it is so hard to decide) are „Little dutch girl” and „Sunbonnet Garden” (just check the Gallery – Posts with Pictures ).

Thank you, Mary, for all the great work, so well organized (one can „see” the thought behind every post). And here is my little dutch girl:

little-dutch-lady.jpg (click for a big  image)

Saptamana aceasta am ales Needle ´N Thread , care are o colectie de tutoriale sub forma de video, usor de urmarit si inteles, despre puncte de broderie. Toate articolele sunt bine organizate, usor de regasit dupa etichete, iar modelele de broderie prezentate (vezi Gallery – Posts with Pictures ) sunt in mare parte preluate dintr-o carte veche si sunt minunate. Eu am ales sa brodez dupa un model intitulat „micuta fetita olandeza”, nu e chiar finisat, mai am de pus niste lalele in mana fetitei:)


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  1. Imi place fetita olandeza. Ar merge foarte bine pentru un quilt pentru copii. Blogul l-am salvat in favorite, este foarte interesant! Elena

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