Journal Page or just a card?


From the first time I visited Art Tea Life I fall in love with O M’House Needs a Good Cleanin’ . You know how it is,  you just „have to” try it. I do not now if I can call my card a „journal page”, but this was my intention:)

So, some day ago a found an interesting photo of Bjork in a journal, then I got a card about buying something,  and I just „had to” keep all of them, including a photo of some nice flowers made from textiles.

Am vizitat mai de demult un blog despre „art journal pages”, si de atunci „trebuie” sa incerc si eu asa ceva. Adun tot felul de decupaje din ziare, reclame pe care le primim, si pana la urma am incercat o carte postala mai diferita, colaje si elemente crosetate.

With some collage here is the card (on bothsides)

dos.jpg  exterior.jpg

and here is the inside:


The text from the left side is „07 alienation”, from a fashion parade, the photo of Bjork in the center and some paper collage plus crochet, and the bird from the right side is Quetzal, the  most beautiful bird in the world. I just wanted to show how simple the beauty can be:)

In interiorul cardului am adaugat text („protest”, pentru ca ceea ce poarta Bjork mi se pare mereu o forma de protest, „aliantion” pentru ca e un subiect la moda), am colorat, am fixat elementele crosetate,  am pus poza unei pasari care se numeste Quetzal, considerata cea mai frumoasa pasare din lume (pentru a arata cat de simpla poate fi frumusetea).

My card had also a tag (I add there „protest”, not that I do not like the outfit, but I „see” it as a form of protest), and I could not resist, I have to show you a detail of my crochet:

tag.jpgdetaliu-croseta.jpg (click for a bigger image)


6 răspunsuri la „Journal Page or just a card?

  1. Hi Corina

    Love your card – Beautiful, beautiful bird – I just read about it, the male has an amazingly long tail. No wonder they were considered sacred by the Mayans. I hope you are able to share some of your Amazonian folklore stories. Little Cratita is growing and says hello to Miriam

    Annie *!*

  2. wow!! ce tare e cardul tau! N-am mai vazut pana acum asa ceva. Combinatia cu croseturile e extraordinara!Iti doresc multa inspiratie si pe mai departe, sa faci lucruri la fel de frumoase :))

  3. This is FANTASTIC !

    Very well done and great to see your pictures that show the process also.


    I think….you should JOURNAL this page !

    Words and sentences curling around her with the thoughts you have written here

    ( the „protest” in the crochet you speak of, etc. )

    telling the story of what is on your mind

    Would really be great.

    If you are afraid – just take a copy with the printer to write on top of and P L A Y ! ! !

    Looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you do next ….

    Love, S.

  4. Aceasta tehnica este de efect! Cardurile sunt frumoase si imi place si mesajul. Si imi place si Bjork!!! Elena

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