Love thursday


If it is Thursday, then is „Love is all arround„. My „love”  goes this week to Karen, her blog is full of interesting things, not only about scrapbook (check the last post about Ian Bland, you have the chance to enjoy some great music) . For those who like to „play” with paper, just check her Scrapbook Tips&Techniques,  or her Scrapbook Layout for inspiration. I accepted her last challenge, and I made a scrapbook page about me. All I can say is that for me, „Love is all”.

Recomandarea de azi este Karen, care are un blog foarte interesant, nu numai cu informatii si idei despre scrapbook. Recent a venit cu o propunere interesanta, ca sa ne cunoastem mai bine, sa facem fiecare o pagina despre noi insine. Eu mai buna prezentare nu am gasit pentru mine, intr-o zi de joi:), decat „Dragostea e totul”.


I use Waiting for Summer Mini Kit, thank you Andrea from  Love, Laugh & Learn – Ingredients for a Great Life . Of course, I found out about these freebies from Karen..


15 răspunsuri la „Love thursday

  1. Da, asa te-am cunoscut. Din tot ce faci respira DRAGOSTEA. Impartasesti tuturor din prea-plinul inimii tale, si cine sa nu se bucure de atata caldura?!
    Si eu tin foarte mult la tine, Corina, si abia astept sa te cunosc „de-adevaratelea”.

  2. What a fabulous layout Corina. I love houw you have used that kit. My layout is using the same kit. I’ll be posting it in a couple of days. Thanks so much for the lovely words. I do so appreciate the love.

    PS. I see you couldn’t go past the embroidery flowers in the kit!!!!! Now you’re a digital embroiderer.

  3. Love that layout about love. Such a great layout for the challenge. I haven’t even started mine yet–except I think I found the picture.

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  5. Oh wow – this is gorgeous!! I love the embroidered flowers!! I’m always amazed at digi layouts – at those who create the elements themselves and those of you who know what to do with them! Your page is magnificent!

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