8 Things You May Not Know About Me

I was tagged by Linda to talk about me, and to find „8 Things You May Not Know About Me”. Ok Linda, I accept the challenge, you are right, this is a good way to  to know each other better!

1)  I have three houses, one in Cluj (Romania), one in Wesepe (Holland) en one here, in Bogota (Colombia, but not for much longer). In our house we speak English, Dutch, and Romanian

2) I have difficulties in throwing away things, and now, with my hobbies, I have a good excuse („you never know…”), so the big cupboard is stuffed to the limit

3) I have to know everything and I would like to try everything (but I can´t, so I have the feeling I am losing a lot of opportunities)

4)   I love to eat fruits, and when I eat, I can eat kilo´s of them (Colombia is the perfect country for me in this aspect)

5) I have a lot of „fixed ideas” that I like to call „dreams”

6) My memory is like a CD-ROM with more than 10 Gb of information

7) I like Agatha Christie and the English detectives series

8) I try to work on my priorities all day long, but somehow, in the evening, I get the feeling that I went back in my old patterns

And now I am supposed to tag other ladies to do the same, but I will let them choose. So, if somebody likes to accept the challenge, you are invited! Just let me know, so I can read it also:)


4 răspunsuri la „8 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. We have way too much in common..grin Like you, I can’t throw anything away either. My husband accuses me of having ADD because I have to try everything and have to learn everything. And… I love English mysteries..grin

    How soon will you be leaving Columbia?

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