Puzzle collaje card

I am a big fan of puzzles, and I love puzzle cards. I love collage, and textile art, so I decided to do a “puzzle collage card”. I printed first a nice image, I used one of my daughter’s puzzles to draw the lines, and then I cut my image and a white paper (I put one on top of the other) over the shapes of the puzzle (photo 1). I did some embroidery on some of the puzzle pieces (photo 2), I added some embellishments (photo 3), and then I put the puzzle together and added some accents with some nice colors. I pasted the white paper on the back of the puzzle pieces, used a nice transparent envelope to protect them (photo 4) and now I just have to wait and see if they are fan for others alsoJ


This is an example:p1060203.jpg


4 răspunsuri la „Puzzle collaje card

  1. Wonderful hobbies! I love collage too.
    You blog is awesome!!! I will keep visiting you and I thank you for your visit to my blog. I just came back from my vacation and you are a sweet surprise visitor. I hope to see you again and count on my visits for sure, you are so talented!!!

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