I had to put the wall-scrap I did in Colombia here, in my daughter new room. Karen was taking some days ago about „have-you-ever-done-a-scrapbook-layout-make-over„, I did some wall-scrap make-over:)

Here you can see them before:


Here are after the make-over, thanks to some handmade stickers I bought some days ago:

 I did consider some rules now (like the visual triangle), but most of all I let my daughter face to inspire me, she was such a baby two years ago. Times goes to fast…


6 răspunsuri la „Wallscrap

  1. Hi Corina! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. And also for your very kind words.

    I have to giggle because I just ran across your blog yesterday when I was ‘randomly’ searching through Blogger Who Embellish. Too funny!

    I notice in your ‘bio’ that you also believe in angels!

    I’ll be sure to check back and see what you’re up to 🙂

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