Miriam’s room

I was quite busy trying to decorate my daughter’s room (fairies theme). You already saw the collage on the wall, the last wall scrap I did, and here you can see some photos of the room. The big challenge were the curtains, and this is the result:


What you can not see in this photo are the nice fairies from the bottom of the curtains (special ones, to make real dark in her room):


It took my some time to fix them, with thermoapplique that I did using trick-film.

p1060335.jpg (piece of material fixed on two layers of trick-film)

p1060338.jpg(one fairy almost ready to be fixed:)

I know for sure that my little one loves her room, she wants more fairies:) So, I made two pillows for her, M and P (from Miriam Petra):



4 răspunsuri la „Miriam’s room

  1. Hi Corina… such a lovely room! I’m also a fairy (and elves and gnomes and dwarves and anything else in the fantasy world) person. It sounds like you are finally settled in. I hope things are going well…
    Smiles.. Linda S.

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