I did not have time to put a nice dress for Elizabeth’s  ball, after the nice party from Karla‘s blog (my head is full of lovely images) . But my little one had a friend visiting her today and they both dress up for the ball! And my little angel even found a cavalier to take her to the ball!

So, for her , for the ball, for the joy in our lives, for the full moon,  I start working on a nice poetry altered book in Dutch (Wuivend Riet, gedichtenbundel van Tress van Zetten).

 I am going to add some of my comments in my language, Romanian, and some quotes in English, one for every poetry (this will be a future story).

This period of my life is like this full moon,  the HARVEST MOON!

„Voor mijn dochter : dans klein meisje dans, dans met je neus in de wind, al ben je op vrijdag geboren, je bent een zondagskind”

„Pentru fiica mea: danseaza micuta mea, danseaza, danseaza cu nasul in vant, si chiar daca te-ai nascut intr-o marti, esti un copil de duminica”

„For my daughter: dance little girl, dance,dance with your nose in the wind, even if you are born on a Thursday, you are a Sunday child”.

Follow the dance of CicelyMary Barker’s flower fairies!

Vashti Bunyan Glow Worms


23 de răspunsuri la „Be…Dream…Play…Ball

  1. hallo corina, so nice meeting another girl in the netherlands.
    looking forward to see you again. lovely poem to your angel.

    wat leuk je hier te ontmoeten. ik woon in het uiterste zuiden van limburg. kom eens langs…

  2. how perfect it this!

    your daughter at the ball!


    i love that you did that.
    i hope you took tons of snapshots
    and put them up all around the house…

    if i had a daughter,
    that is what i would do.

  3. Your little one is so sweet – what a princess she looks, all pretty in pink. Thank you for letting her come to the ball – like having a little flower fairy there!

  4. ahhh ! The Tiniest Belle of The Ball !

    Thank You for Sharing her with us.

    She really does look like One of The Flower Fairies !

    Precious !

    Happy Autumn ! Happy Full Moon. Happy New Chapter

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