Romantic Country Party

So, today is the big day number 1! Thank you Karla for inviting us! It  was quite a challenge to realize what I love about my home (considering we are still in the building process), but I do not want to miss a party!

 I do love my new kitchen, we are dreaming to have it for about 3 years! Something old, something new, and changing almost every day…

 I do love my glass pot with my nice bride bouquet.

I love the pillows I made for my daughter:

Or my collage with all kind of nice memories:

But what I really love about my house is this:

this shoes are telling a story: a man, a woman, and a little girl are living in this house! They have to be dutch, from the type of shoes, or because the little one has boots with Jip and Janneke, very well known in Holland. They all work out in the garden, and then they enter in the comfort of their home. What can be more romantic than that?


15 răspunsuri la „Romantic Country Party

  1. Your kitchen looks lovely and the window „dressing” looks so classically elegant. The photo of the shoes! It tells me without knowing anything else about you that your house is lived in and cozy. Cant wait to come back and look in your archives…Happy Party!

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