The 21 challenge


„Not enough time” I thought when I first read about the 21 challenge. Then, a nice quote „came” to me from different sources:  „You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it”. I think this quote will stick to my mind. 

I want to do an altered book for 3 years now, but I never had time. Now, I decide to make time. The challenge is in day  , and I am almost in time. Thank you Rhonna for organising this for all of us out here, in the blogosphere!

I will post more of my pages next days!


2 răspunsuri la „The 21 challenge

  1. And so my sweet friend I am making time to say HI! and I miss you my blogging friend. I started a new job in May and have missed TAST and all that good stuff. I hope this finds you well! Thank you for your dear comments on my blog! I LOVE your altered book page!!!!

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