Blog action day

global.jpgThis is a textile card I made almost a year ago, about the global warming. 

Thanks to my friend Sanda I did not forget about this special day. Because the environment  is important for all of us. I went with my little one in the forest, looking for mushrooms. I had to think about my childhood, when I was free to drink water from a spring or to wash my hair with rain water. Now, because we live in a nice area, I can let her „free” in the forest, but for how long?  It is so difficult in our days not to harm the environment. I hate to color my hair because of all the water I have to use, but I also like to take a bath. I love trees, but the one near my house has a lot of leaves and in this period of the year I hate him:)

 So, how much do I real care about the future of our planet? When  it does not affect me too much, I „take care”. I would like to have an ecological house, but we have to do a lot of changings for that. So we just go on..

I remember a story of a couple who lost a 5 year old daughter. The only child, she died of cancer. After that, they decide to built an ecological house. I can not think of the them without tears in my eyes, and then I wonder, again „do I really care of the future of my child”?


5 răspunsuri la „Blog action day

  1. I know what you mean and I realised that in fact the more you do to help the environment the more guilty you feel, for not having done it before, or not being able to do more.
    Since we moved in our house ( as opposed to a flat in downtown manchester UK) me and the children bike around,( well I don’t drive in the uK anyway) so we do not need buses any more.
    We compost, recycle and give alf of our unwanted stuff, and I keep thinking ” well what about lightbulbs? electricals?” etc
    We have showers, but we like them long.
    I check food labels for provenance as well as content. I still get angry with packages and plastic wrapping. But do I use the same approch for my fabrics? my books? my supplies?
    I am so aware of the waste we generate daily ( you know, hospitals, businesses, energy, food, travel) – I wish I could buy the Amamzon forest, or even a big plot of land here to turn into a forest.. so many things I know are going, whatever we do is so small. Does it really count?

  2. Hei, Corina, poti sa crezi ca am ratat! Am scris abia azi pe Peticel…
    Imi pare rau, dar ma bucur ca tu ai scris pe blogul tau si mersi din nou pentru cardul „Global Warming”.

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