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I was tagged by Terri to write 7 things about me.  My first reaction was that I already had a post with 8 things about me , but then I thought „why not, we do know each-other better in this way”. I have the feeling I found some good friends in the last 1 year, since I started blogging, and I spent a lot of great moments in the „virtual” world. So, together with some more pages from my last (and only up to know) altered book, some things about me:

1) I spent my first 35 years in Romania, so I have an idea about what communism can do to people


2) As a child, I heard a story about a bird flying with her mother and her daughter. The mother-bird broke a wing, so the bird had to carry her. Then the child-bird broke a wing, and the mother-bird said „you have to let me go, I had my life, you have to take care of your child”. I cried the whole night, thinking that I can not live without my mother.

3) My mother  had cancer, she was in bed for a year, I tried to be always around, but I fell asleep five minutes and I woke up thinking „she is dead”.


4) My grandmother told me „never leave your family for a man”. But when „a man” became your family, you go in the other side of the world for him. I moved to Holland, and two years ago, we all moved to Colombia. Now we are back in Holland.


5) I knew I will not be able to have a child. One day I thought I would like to see an exotic country, and some days after, my husband told me about a project in Bonaire. He asked me if I want to go (ha, ha). I had the time of my life. Three months later I was pregnant.


6) I wanted a child with personality, and I used the science of numbers to chose my child name.She was two months old when I had to admit: „on paper it is great to read about strong numbers with strong personalities – an 11 in our case; I did not realize that I will have to be part of the process on a daily basis”.

7) I love my life, and I am learnig everyday to love myself.


4 răspunsuri la „Tagged and more…

  1. What a lot of interesting facts. Your life has given you a lot of different experiences. Thank you for sharing these secrets, as a blog is an incomplete painting of its author, and we love to know what really made our virtual friends who they are.

  2. Corina ~ You have a sweet tender spirit that came through the very first time I „met” you on line! You have been a wonderful source of encouragement to me with your kind comments. I am sure I am just one of the many bloggers that really LOVE you dearly!!!!! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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