I’m going home…

to my grandmother, she is 92 and she is dying. I love her and I hope I can celebrate her life up to the end.

This poetry  is about my feelings now:



4 răspunsuri la „I’m going home…

  1. In trecere suntem toti… regret sa aud ca treci prin astfel de momente dificile.
    Foarte frumos gestul tau de a veni in tara sa fii langa ea in ultimile clipe. Stiu ca ai o multime de amintiri frumoase despre bunica. Cu mult drag, Daniela

  2. Hi Corina ~ I hope your grandmothers journey to heaven is a wonderful one. I have heard death described as simply walking through a door but imagine the joy of finding our tender loving Lord on the other side and all the loved ones who have gone before us. I will be thinking of you and pray you are able to be with her at the end. Lots of Love, Terri

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