A special week

This week is going to be a special one in the blogosphere! And for my blog too…


First, do not forget 14 February and OneWorldOneHeart give-away. I have more then 110 comments, so I have to think of more than one price! But, for now, I can reveal what is going to be in my box:

inima.jpg a heart, of course:)

On Lisa’s blog are already 374 participants, so a lot of chances to win great pieces of art!

Second, but also very important, in 13 February my blog will be one year old! So, no other way to celebrate this than a give-away:

poseta.jpg a small bag, I decorate one side and I put some goodies inside (also for decorating the other side). It can be nice for a small present or to keep some cards inside.

I will choose a winner from this week comments on any other post than OWOH.

So, my dear friends from the virtual world, time to open our hearts for joy! Here spring is comming….


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