1 year of PatchScrap


 Last year, when I published my first post on this blog, Hello world, I was in Bogota, Colombia. Now I am back in Holland, and who knows where I will be next year:)

I did have 123 posts up to now, on crafts, quilting, scrapbook, personal things.  For a while I had special posts on Love Thursday, I enjoyed it very much. I tried very hard to keep up with TAST challenge,  I went to some parties, and I even tried to make an altered book part of „21 challenge”. My personal challenge for this year is „finish what you have”  (hard work, I can tell you).

It was a very special year, and several times I could not „work” on my blog, I had to organize my priorities. But this is not easy, after you start, to give up your blog. Especially when you made a lot of friends in the virtual world. And this was my big achievement with my blog: making friends, connecting with several special and talented ladies. I am still amazed they make time to check on my, that they found my work interesting enough. And I may say, this was what kept me going with my blog! Thanks, Terri , Annie, Smaranda, Angela, Sanda, Laurence, Carmen, Daniela, Paulina, Geta,Linda, Vivian,Karen, Ati, Egater, Sarah,Lynn,DoraBarbara, for the time  spent on my blog! And thanks to all the nice ladies that I had the chance to „meet” in the virtual world in the past year, even if it was for 1 minute!

And do not forget about my gift!



2 răspunsuri la „1 year of PatchScrap

  1. Yaaay!!! Congratulations Corina.

    Not many of us can boast a blog that has moved from one side of the World to the other.

    It’s been an exciting and eventful year and you’ve done really well to have kept your blog going through it all.

  2. Felicitari si La Multi Ani tie si blogului tau !!! Esti privilegiata de sansa atator calatorii si de Compania ta de drum:). Iti doresc sa-ti umpli viata de bucuria intalnirilor cu prieteni si sa ii ai alaturi pe cei pe care ii iubesti !
    Tu afaci ca lumea sa fie mica atunci cand o innobilezi cu iubire.

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