My life in the blogosphere- Pay it forward, Pink artist and more


All kind of events lately:

the OWOH , with my winner Lisa and me as a winner on Nikki’s give-away

one year on my blog, and for my give-away I have to choose a winner (as soon as Miriam is back from school)


– I decided to join „The Pink Artist” community and I made one 2×2 square that is already in his way to Monica pink-artist.jpg

– in 8 February my dear friend Annie had a give-away, and I could not resist, her Secret Smiles were so beautiful! So, now I have to Pay it Forward. I decide to give-away one of my molas to anybody how decide to join this nice project!

– Lynn, from Fiber Fantasies, tagged me, so I have to play:

Four Jobs I Have Had (only three):

– I was a teacher in the university of agriculture in my Romanian town

– I worked at the local statistical department (also in my own town) as analyst

– I worked in the computer department in a big socialist factory, as programmer

Four Movies I Would Watch Over & Over Again (only two):

Forest Gump

– Contact

Four Shows I Watch On TV (also two):

Europa (on dutch TV)

– Oprah

Four Favorite Things To Eat:


– fried potatoes

– spaghetti

– tiramisu

Four Places I Would Rather Be: I just love it where I am now:)

Four People I Would Like To Lunch With:

– Richard Gere

– Ingrind Betancourt

– Dalai Lama

– Oprah

Four Things I Look Forward To This Year:

– my daughter summer Holiday, so we can spend some nice days in our lovely Romanian house

–  Ioana’s wedding

– my father 70’s anniversary

– having a bath in our bathroom

And I would like to tag Smaranda, is she has time to do it!


5 răspunsuri la „My life in the blogosphere- Pay it forward, Pink artist and more

  1. Corina,
    Is it half term for you this week? Ours was last week and it was great and sunny.( unfortunately my youngest had an allergic reaction to plasters on his knees, which impaired his cycling).
    Maybe you should try to invite Richag Gere to your dad’s birthday party?

  2. Corina, yes your square has arrived safely! 🙂 Thank you! it is a beauty and you can see it up on my blog here:

    I have been trying to email everyone that their squares have arrived so I’m sorry that my note didn’t make it to you.

    I have you down as C. Jansen-Suciu so when i made that reply to you I admit I was looking for Corina. I apologize, yes it certainly is a gorgeous square and a much welcomed addition to our group. Be PROUD you are making change in a positive way with your art. Love & blessings to you, Monica 🙂

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