Crafts and football

 a nice bird, using a  free pattern for a lovely bird from


Karla, from Karla’s Cottage, has a nice post with all the nice cards she got for her Aunt Caroline’s 100th birthday! I was happy to see my card too!


Who can forget the football? Tomorrow evening is going to be a special event in our house: Nederland – Romania football game! My heart goes with the team from Romania…



3 răspunsuri la „Crafts and football

  1. Love the birds, Corina. I have made three. They are sewn, stuffed and awaiting final stitching up of their tails. Enjoy the football. Switzerland are now out, so we are turning our support to Spain.

  2. Very nice bird. It’s so nice to find patterns that are free to use.

    Your little girl gets cuter and cuter! She enjoys posing for the camera, doesn’t she? I love the blue dress that you made her.

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