Step by step digital scrapbook

Every time I want to make a scrapbook page, I look for inspiration on Karen’s Scrap of Mind. Last time she „got” me with how to make a transparent layout, so I had to try:) I used the mirror function to arrange the  two images on top, and then I  printed them on the back of a transparent paper. I did not made a very difficult layout, but I think I got the point:)

And I want to let everybody know that everything you need to know to start creating amazing digital scrapbook layouts, you can find in Karen’s e-book, Step by Step digital scrapbook


4 răspunsuri la „Step by step digital scrapbook

  1. Hi Corina! Glad you enjoyed the Vegas photos … I’ll be adding some of the hotels soon.
    Your little Miriam is as ‘cute as a bug’!

  2. Thank you so much Corina. I love your layout of Miriam’s 4th birthday. I can’t believe she’s 4 already!

    I agree that the mirror technique is the best way if you are going to keep your transparent layout in an album.

    I’m so glad you enjoy the inspiration I try to provide on Scraps of Mind and now on Step by Step Digital Scrapbook too.

    I’m really excited about that site because it’s all about helping people who are new to digital Scrapbooking understand how to get going with it and really get their creative juices flowing.

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