Lucky me – giveaways

Take a look to this great dress I won  as giveaway for a 1000th post on Firstborn blog! I am a „fan” of the blog for same time, and I am happy to be the winner, Mary Ann is such a talented artist!

I love the virtual world, so I decide to join Debi and her  Fall into Fall Quilt Blog Giveaway and I will make a surprise package! I will choose a winner on October 15th!

So, thank you ladies for being part of such a lovely comunity!


4 răspunsuri la „Lucky me – giveaways

  1. hi again corina,

    i sent you an email a while ago about sending me your mailing info so i can mail your prize…not sure whether or not you got it? i don’t want you to think i have forgotten, bec. i haven’t…just waiting to hear back from you. pls. email me at & as soon as i hear from you, your prize will be sent to you asap!

    thanks & have a good night!

    mary ann 🙂

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