winter giveaway

This is it! The last day of 2008, my last giveaway en maybe my last post. I have to redefine my priorities for 2009, and I decide to spend less time with the computer:)

For now, my giveaway for

Whirl into Winter Quilt Blog Giveaway

a little bag (nice for cosmetics)
gentuta Atarashio
Just live a comment, and I will chose the winner!

Thank you all for this great „blogworld” and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


120 de răspunsuri la „winter giveaway

  1. Perhaps you can just cut down on the amount of time spent on the computer, I would hate to see someone leave. We meet such wonderful people like yourself.
    I’d love to be included in your give a way. Whatever decision you make, Happy New Year!
    Rae Ann

  2. Cute bag! I am just starting a blog as you are winding down with yours. I do agree that the computer can eat up your time. I need to spend more time quilting and less time at the keyboard too.

  3. Happy New Year’s!! I am going to spend more time with my kids and less time with work!

  4. Happy new year. I love the little bag. It is such a clever shape. I think we often have to take a break from posting to do what is really necessary.

  5. Happy New Year from Australia! Such an interesting bag! Hope the new year is wonderful there in Holland!

    Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

  6. This is just the cutest little bag! I would be honored to keep my make up in it! I love the different shape of it…way cute!

    I also have made a promise to myself to be less on the computer this new year!

    Thank you so much Hun for the chance! Have a lovely New year!

    😉 Brooke

  7. Hello , my ancestors are from Holland so we both have the same blood!!!!

    The bag is beautiful. Please enter me in your contest and I am also having one on the Whirl in to Winter give a way.
    Go to my blog and enter.
    please add a link to my blog from yours and let me know and I will do the same for you.

    Thank you Chris
    I will be giving something away every month.

  8. That is a very nice-looking bag. Please enter me in your drawing and I hope you visit my blog and enter my giveaway, too. I hope you don’t disappear from blogging…just do it once in awhile. Keeping in touch with other creative people is important, too.

  9. love the bag, thanks for the giveaway, I too agree, we all need to spend a bit less time on the computer, and more time sewing…

  10. I love the price! Really nice colors.
    I hope you will find rest in the things you are doing and I can so understand that you will computer less, to be able to make time for other very important things in life. Good luck with everything and hope all works out the way you want it to!

  11. What a unique little bag! I don’t think I’ve seen any that shape before…it’s so cute. Please enter me for the drawing and thanks for participating…this is so fun!

  12. Yes, we can spend all our time on the computer if we don’t watch out. There are so many interesting things there, but also we may have better use of our time.
    Cute little bag. Thanks for sharing.

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