Miniature as therapy


I did something like this long time ago, when I was a child, for my mother. Some years ago, a very nice lady, Tatiana, send me some photos of her miniatures (4×4 cm). And finally, some months ago I saw in my dutch Quiltnieuws a lesson about making „mini log cabin”.

The thought of trying one was there. And today I had to do some creative work. Far away, a friend is dying of cancer, and onther one is giving up on me for a selfish reason.

You know this is life, but still, how can you get over it, just in one hour? (you can not afford to be upset for too long, you have a lovely daughter and she needs you here and now).

Try one miniature, is 30 minutes of work and it helps! Mine it  is not perfect, but life is not perfect:)

What a blessing, thank you Tatiana!


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