Tears inspired by Anna Faustino

Some years ago, a very nice lady from the guilt group I use to be in, explained us how to make a quilt based on Anna Faustion’s technique:http://www.newtechquilts.com/joomla/

It took my some time, but here there is, my quilt called „Tears”. My local quilt club, the Riyadh Quilt Quild, http://riyadhquiltguild.blogspot.com/, had a challenge this year, called „Sister, Sister”. The two materials I used for the quilt are like the two worlds I am living in right now, the Saudi world (black and white) and the expat world (black, white and a lot of color).

Since my afghan experience I am fascinated with the paisley motif. Resembling a twisted teardrop, paisley is Iranian and Indian in origin, but its western name derives from the town of Paisley, in central Scotland (the first shawls woven in Paisley were made around 1808, and by 1850 there were over 7000 weavers in the town. It took up to six months to weave a single shawl from design concept to finally being offered in a shop, and a full two weeks to weave each shawl,http://www.thistleandbroom.com/scotland/paisley.htm).

The motif  is also known as a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity, so I thought that in this way, with the color of life brought by the  paisley motif, our cultures are like sisters. And when it comes to tears, or the esence of life,  the colors of our cloths does not matter any more…

Multumesc Mariei pentru explicatiile ei de demult despre tehnica Annei Faustion. 


3 răspunsuri la „Tears inspired by Anna Faustino

  1. N-ai mai multe poze ale acestui quilt, Corina? E minunat, mi-ar fi placut sa-l vad mai indeaproape.
    E pisuit ? Ce frumos se imbina bucatile colorate cu cele alb-negru!

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