Harry Potter party – petrecere

Am descris pregatirile pentru o petrecere cu tema Harry Potter in engleza, dar daca cineva are nevoie de lamuriri in romaneste, raspund cu placere la intrebari.

For her birthday Miriam wanted a Harry Potter party. I started the preparations like 5 weeks ago. The research work was fun, a lot of information and ideas on the net, but some of the greats were:
Just sweet and simple – amazing work!

Harry Potter Paraphernalia – special thanks for all the hard work!

Grace’s Scrap Attic – love her work!

Thank you all ,  also those I did not mention here, for the tutorials, free printable and lovely ideas. I did not save all the links, in the beginning I just download a lot of information and only then we decided what we want to do.

The plan was:

1) the make a 9 3/4 Peron, with a false wall and then a frame „have you seen this wizard” so each child will have a photo.


2) to give everybody a wand, a badge and a book




3) to have a sorting ceremony


4) to divide the children in 4 groups and teach them Charm, Divination, Ancient runes and Magical creatures

5) to do with all of them a Potion Class

Afb2056 Afb2055 Afb2054 Afb2053

6) after each class, some will get a cheque that later  can be use to buy things from the Diagon Alley

7) to put a „wizard diploma” in each goody bag

For myself, considering I was also working at the time, I planed what I had to do each week:

  • first week – invitations



The owl took the invitation to all the children in the class and to other friends:)

  • second week – decorations
  • third week – books, wands and materials for the class
  • fourth week – labels, food, drinks, snakes and cake



Of course things did not went as planed, so the last evening before the party I went to sleep at 2 a.m.:)

I made my list for decorations: wall sign 9 3/4, painting a false wall, signs, banners, marauder map, newspapers, a „have you seen this wizard” frame.

Gobbler and Comic book



I had another list with general things like : wands, books, goody bag and wizard certificate, cheques, costume for my daughter, a sorting hat and badges.

For each class I had a plan.

1) Divination (I had to be the teacher, because of my crazy hair and my glasses):

– decorating crystal balls (a kind of)



– making a premonition based on what you see on the crystal ball

– put the paper with the premonition on a balloon

– ant the end of the party we will reveal the premonitions

In the last half hour before the party I checked You tube for a clip with divination class, in order to dress up like a proper teacher:) I also saw the part about „reading” in the thee leaves. And I remembered how I use to „read” the future in the coffee cups, long time ago, when all we knew was the „turkish coffee”. So I made quickly some „real” coffee like i like to call it and should I tell youthat  it was a big success? I could really „see” things, and the girls too:) What I forgot was to learn some „spells”, something to say when you use the magic wand, I just supposed the children will know some.

2) Care of magical creature was the most problematic.We asked the children to try to make a draw of some magical creatures, classification XXX, and then to do their own Hedwig. It took me a long time before I could find a proper owl to be cut and paste, this was the last challenge  for me (up to late in the night).


3) Charms

– making an origami map (thank you Britta Peterson)

– play a Harry Potter game

– have fun with balloons

4) Ancient runes was Miriam’s class. She invented her own runes, she made a card with viking’s runes. Each child got small pieces of „gold” in order to write something on their books with runes.


During each class students had to write about (or to paste) the results of their work. My husband was very surprised they liked the party, he was afraid it was too much like a school day. For me it was a sign that „real” school is not fun enough:)

I had a list with labels for the potion class, a list with sweets and snack, another list with what I have to print, what I have to buy and what we have to do. The part with „doing” was the difficult one:) Miriam loved to write the names on 5 diplomas, but not on 24:) My husband wanted to make only simple wands, and just a „normal” which hat. But with a lot of „hot” discussions we manage to do almost everything my daughter was dreaming of, included a Nimbus 2000:)


Miriam organized a „diagon alley”, where the children could get in the beginning their books and the wands, and later they could buy sweets and other things with their cheques..

Diagon alley

Diagon alley

No Harry Potter party without Hedwig, Miriam made it during the Art class at school:


The „high” point for me was to make a „monster book” cake, thank’s to http://mossisawesome.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/cake-how-to-harry-potters-monster-book-of-monsters/


My daughter love it, according to the children it was the great cake ever! My receipts was an invented one:

1) I used a „cup cake” mixture to make one layer

2) some melted white chocolate mixed with ricotta cheese was the second layer (we wanted to use the chocolate for something else, and it was not a big success)

3) Oreos were the third layer (I had a lot of leftovers from  the „witches hats” )

Icing was quite easy to add, I had the fruit leather, but how to make the spooky hair? At 2 o’clock in the night I decided to let it be, and have some sleep. Around 7 o’clock in the morning I got a good idea: to use chocolate chips! I bought them for something else, that did not work out, so everything came together to create an interesting cake!

How was the party after all? Too short, we could not do everything we planed, I do have materials for another party:) But a lot of fun, great MEMORIES!


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