Having fun with nice things

A dear friend of mine has to leave the country. She is a real artist, and I am so happy to know her. I did visited a lot of houses, but her’s will always be in my memory like a very special one. Beautiful is  maybe not enough,  every  single thing from the house belongs there and the house is alive.

She has to clean up now, and she was so kind to let us choose some of the things she can not take with her. I am happy to make them part of my environment, and I know that every time I will see them, I will think of her and my heart will be full of joy!

DSC02676 She made the frame of the small painting, Miriam painted the giraffe:)

DSC02674 the quilt is mine, the colorful objects are from here, gift from another dear friend

DSC02671She made the paper box, Miriam made the origami flowers, I made the english rose

DSC02672Another quilt I love, it seems more beautiful now.


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