Quilter’s favorites

My dear friend Geat is hosting a „share and learn” party on her blog, http://www.cadouri-din-inima.blogspot.com.

Everything that Geta is doing is from heart, so I will try to ask all her questions with my heart open. My big problem is that I do not have so many things to share, I am more a hand quilter, I just bought a free motion foot for my simple sewing machine and I did paid for some courses on Craftsy, but no time to watch them (yet).

1) my favorite quilting notions : bias tape maker, yo-yo’s maker, thread snip

2) tips for hand quilting : train your hand with sashiko and embroidery first:)

3) tips related to quilting: do not compare your quilts with some others quilts:) Together with a group of ladies we did „life is a celebration” quilt. At one point some of the ladies had the quilt almost done, and after seeing there quilting I could not continue working on mine.  Then I decide that this is a hobby, not a competition…

4) don’t do like me: spending hours online, checking new quilts and new techniques, saving hundreds of links hoping to have time some day…one step at the time, and start with the basics

5) a type for those like me, if you like to try new techniques, do not start big quilts. Join a group and swap textile cards, amazing how much you can learn and also find some peace…

i like quilting because i like to make nice things for friends, I like to play with the fabrics and I like to be creative. I need to do quilts because it’s my way to relax, together with some good music or a movie in the background . I like to find a tutorial online when I need one, and I like to be part of a quilt group. I think making charity quilts is a very good excuse to practice new techniques, and making all kind of small crafts with  children is a way to spend quality time with them! And do keep a blog, with photos, especially if you like to give things away…


5 răspunsuri la „Quilter’s favorites

  1. Thank you for sharing your thought, Corina. It’s so true that we don’t need to compare our work with the work of others. Our quilts are unique, like we are. And I agree with you: browsing the Internet means a lot of inspiration but many times it is distraction.

  2. Nice meeting you, Corina. You have some interesting tips that others haven’t touched on. I’ve just gotten interested in Craftsy, so please recommend a few classes that you enjoy.

  3. I really enjoyed his warmth and sincerity of who wrote it seems to me I travel a lot on the net tutorials discovering colors and inspiration. It is a way to relax but this hard before the crisis.
    a hug

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