Almost ready for the Halloween party

Pumpkin decoration

Pumpkin decI was thinking of a way to use the invitation during the party. I decided to do a pumpkin decoration. Just by ” coincidence”, when I was looking for a  funny pumpkin shape to print, I found this link: Thanks „plushka”. I think the girls will like to make some!


imageThe invitations we’re send almost a month ago, so grateful to Joy for the time she had a quilt shop here, because I could find great fabrics there. Wish her all the best, now that she is going back home.



A set bought long time ago is finally made in a nice   booklet ! Miriam worked hard, with some help from a friend.  Ready to get the signatures of the participants:)

imageMiriam made this , see the original painting,, thank you so much Christine for the freebie!


The rest, another time…



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