halloween party

haloween 2013 010

The entry (in the dark was more creepy:)

haloween 2013 009with some spider web

Just a Nice photo?Just an old photo?



Changing photoOr not?


FridgeOur creepy fridge


Poster entry to the horror house

Eyesomebody is checking ( thank’s to Martha Stewart)

Just one cornerJust a book corner


OwlsOwls protecting the windows

CupboardOld cupboard

Cat and mouseCats and mice in the bathroom


haloween 2013 008shapes and shadows

haloween 2013 004sweets

Jokeswith funny jokes , thanks to http://www.theexperimentalhome.com/be-the-funniest-house-on-the-block-this-halloween

haloween 2013 100hamburgers and mummies

haloween 2013 102the girls loved the jelly

This was our haunted house….


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