Kids crafts ideas ( under 7 years)

Preparation for a family fun day, arts& crafts corner:

Little girlsSomething for little girls

Little boys and girlsSomething for little boys or girls ( glitter pens)

DecorationsUsing foam forms, stickers and some colors, make your one fun day decoration (the ribbon is already in place, using some nice beads)

Forms and shapesBe creative with forms and shapes, in a wild animals world!(I used foam stickers, stencils, stickers, blow pens, colors and glue)

Owl landscapeOwl landscape or

Owl mandalaA kind of owl mandala

For this two last projects I used color paper, shiny paper, white cardboard, stickers with flowers, moon, sun, clouds or starts, plastic eyes and a lot of cutting:) The patterns and the inspiration for this landscape is „owl mobile sewing pattern” from

Here is a kit for the owl landscape:

Kit owl

For the mandala I leave the tree out, and some hearts.

I am almost ready for the fun! (Still the crafts for older children to go:)


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