10 years…

… since my daughter was born, 10 wonderful years. I learned so much about myself since I am the mother of this wonderful girl! Yesterday she made breakfast  for us, and she prepared some snack for me for today, with a note ” 30 seconds in the magnetron, enjoy, and then some gym”:)

This is what I prepared for tomorrow morning:


10 presents, with some sweet notes and a card for her, bookmarks, sweets and brownies for her classmates.

And for tomorrow afternoon I booked a nail treatment for her at Bijou, a nice beauty salon in Centria Mall. It will be the first time for her, I hope it will be a nice experience. And after that we can buy some macaroons from Le Duree:)

One thing is sure, if you want to spoiled a child, Riyadh has all the facilities… Last evening dinner in Al Khozama restaurant, a garden barbecue, and before that shopping in Al Faisaliyah mall. But she is 10 only once…


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