Paper piecing experiments

A month ago we had, during the quilt evening, a quick presentation about paper piecing.  The next day I had to try a simple block:) image

The next saturday, we did a pineapple block, also paper piecing (for a charity quilt of our quilt group ). It took me almost two hours, and it was the first time I made a big block with the sewing machine. But I love it, and the ladies from the group were talking about a quilt festival in Dubai, when they had a workshop with Carol Doak.

When I arrived at home, I got an e-mail about a special offer for an online courses with Carol Doak. This was more than a sign, so I bought the course, and since then I made first a paradise flower:

Paradise flower

I am working on an interesting and challenging quilt, and I wanted some corners blocks with paper piecing, so I did this Dresden pattern:Dresden

I do like this technique a lot!


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