Double sided BBQ

Side 1

Now that my quilt was delivered, I can show it here as well. This was the side I made with the fabrics I found in Yvonne’s brown bag.

But I had some other fabrics I choose for her, so this is the side I made with my fabrics:

Side 2

I got this lovely Loralie fabric from a dear friend, Susan, together with the dots fabric. I though the fabric was perfect for Yvonne, and her love for quilting. Do I have to mention that her quilts are always amazing (that was a factor of stress, knowing I have to make a quilt for such a great quilter:)?

I think it’s a cheerful quilt and I enjoyed making it (after I manage to convince myself that all I can do is to try my best).

I felt somehow sad when I had to give it away, but when I recognized my fabrics in the amazing quilt Julie made I totally forgot about my sorrow:) Julie’s work is always close to perfection, and I am just lucky that she got my bag. Tomorrow I will try to make some good photos of the quilt I got! It is just, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


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