Ancient Egypt BBQ

I did mentioned that I am the lucky owner of an amazing quilt?

Ancient Egypt


The story of the quilt as such is beautiful: when our dear friend Joy had to close her quilt shop, here in Riyadh, I found a piece of Egyptian fabric that I just had to buy. No idea at that point what  I was going to do with it. Joy told me that she had to buy it too, just because it was so elegant and beautiful.

Grupul de quilt din Riad a avut un proiect foarte interesant anul acesta, BBQ, adică un „quilt într-o punga maro ” (brown bag quilt) . In Noiembrie anul trecut am pus niște materiale într-o punga alături de numele meu. Cea care a primit punga a făcut un quilt pentru mine, iar eu la rândul meu am primit o alta punga, si am făcut un quilt cu materialele găsite in punga plus alte materiale. Materialul pus de mine in punga l-am cumpărat vara trecută, de la prietena din grupul de quilt, care avea atunci un fel de magazin aici în Riad. A fost un fel de ” văzut, plăcut, cumpărat”, fără sa am nici o idee ce o sa fac cu el. Culmea e ca si cea care a primit punga mea cu materiale a avut același impuls, a cumpărat si ea o bucata din același material, pe care a folosit-o acum in quiltul pentru mine.

When the BBQ swap was on, I found some fabrics that could go with the nice Egyptian one and put them all in the bag. Then Julie got the bag, and she too had bought the same type of fabric from Joy! So she had enough to make this beautiful quilt for me. And not only that, but a friend of her had a nice Egyptian cloth, and she used that fabric to make the black windows:

Black windows

And of course, even the quilting is a real Egyptian pattern:) Black windows 2


Thank you Julie, for this beautiful story quilt!


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