BBQ reversible quilt – sashing tutorial

When i was working at my double side BBQ quilt i made some photos step by step. For those working on a double side quilt IT can be useful:)

First the blocks for one side, make rows of them:




Do the same for the other side.

After both side rows are done, make 2 small sandwich, each one from both side rows and the batting.

You have: row 1 (two faces), row 2 (two faces), sashing face a, sashing face b.

image Sew on both side of row 1 sashing face a and sashing face b. The photo is showing shashing face a, sashing face b, both sew to row 1. (Face a is with the loralie fabric).

imageSew sashing face b to row 2

imageAdd batting between row 1 and row 2, on the back of the sashing face b.

imageFix the sashing face a to row 2, sew by hand.

This is the result (one side):

Top 1


A good tip was to iron a 1/4″ border to the sashing face a ( the one sewing by hand) before starting.



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